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Project stages

From the candidate's point of view, the project is divided into the following stages:

Step 1 Direct contact by the consultant

We will contact you by telephone or e-mail. Contact is usually made in 2nd - 4th week of the project. In case of interest, you will receive a brief with a short description of the position.

Step 2 Personal meeting with the consultant

Should you be interested, we will arrange a personal meeting with you as soon as possible. During the meeting, the job is described to you in detail. Your knowledge and existing experience are examined. We will provide you with the first feedback and agree with you on the next steps and its timing.

If you will be shortlisted, we will provide our client with Assessment Report, with detailed description of your motivation to change, knowledge, experience and personality.

Step 3 Personal meeting with the client

We will organise a meeting between you and our client. You will have the opportunity to present your experience and knowledge, as well as obtain information which we could not provide you with during our interview due to non-disclosure.

After the meeting, we will provide you with the feedback from the client and will ask for yours. We will also pre-agree timing of client's final decision.

Step 4 Job offer and follow-up

We will present you the job offer from our client. We are ready to help to find mutual agreement over the conditions. It is recommended, as it helps to avoid missunderstandings between you and your potential employer.
We will provide you with formal feedback approx. 3 moths after your start in new employer.