Alpha Search

Code of conduct


ALPHA SEARCH performs its activities in compliance with the positive perception of the executive search profession.


ALPHA SEARCH performs its activities honestly and avoids behaviour, which is deceptive or misleading.


ALPHA SEARCH performs all accepted tasks competently, with the required level of knowledge, care and urgency.


ALPHA SEARCH performs an objective and impartial assessment of the entire course of the fulfilment of the assigned task while duly taking into account all the relevant facts.


ALPHA SEARCH strives for accuracy and correctness in all communication with clients and candidates and instigates them to replace the relevant and accurate information.

Conflict of interest

ALPHA SEARCH actively avoids a conflict of interest and, as the case may be, amends the contract.


ALPHA SEARCH strictly respects information confidentiality entrusted to it by the clients and candidates.


ALPHA SEARCH is loyal in providing services and protects the interests of its clients when fulfilling tasks.


ALPHA SEARCH does not contact its clients' employees with job offers for a period of 12 months after the completion of the last project.

Equal opportunities

ALPHA SEARCH supports equal opportunities in employment and proceeds objectively to assess all qualified applicants.

Public interest

ALPHA SEARCH performs its activities in line with public interest.