Alpha Search

Search process

Each project is unique and requires a certain degree of flexibility and creativity on our side. However, it is important to follow standard procedures, described here in 7 steps.

Step 1 Position definition

We need to have a perfect understanding of the position to be able to properly assess candidates. It means to know e.g.:

  • Required qualification and experience
  • Obligations and responsibilities
  • Personality with regard to the company culture

Step 2 Compiling a longlist

We identify approximately 60 potential candidates through:

  • Direct search
  • Networking
  • Database Search

Step 3 Contact and selection

Upon approval of the longlist we:

  • Directly contact all candidates on the longlist
  • Conduct the first telephone interview
  • Schedule personal interview afterwards

Step 4 Personal interviews

We focus on getting detailed information e.g. working experience, knowledge or career expectations and also carefully assess candidate's personality and its fit with your corporate culture, like his/her:

  • Ability to listen
  • Communication skills
  • Behaviour and style

Step 5 Shortlist and presentation

We prepare and send you detailed Assessment Report on 3-5 candidates within 6 weeks. It describes in detail e.g.:

  • Knowledge and skills
  • Personality
  • Why is he/she recommended by us

You will decide whether you are interested in a personal meeting. We will arrange meetings if requested.

Step 6 Checking references

Reference check is done for the candidate you consider to choose. We combine formal references from persons given by the candidate and informal ones from our own contacts. The aim is to gain further information about qualifications and personality and include it in materials for final decision.

Step 7 Job offer and follow-up

You can present the job offer directly to the candidate or through us. We are ready to help to find mutual agreement over the conditions.

We arrange formal feedback between you and new employee in 3 months after start of employment to evaluate expectations fulfilment.